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123063 Evolution X solo

Clave: 123063
En existencia: 2 unidades

Precio: $ 3,200.00 MXN*
* Pesos Mexicanos

Evolution - X  Solo   0.4mm

"X" is constructed in the same way as the Evolution Solo model, but with suction connection. The Evolution X is available as "Solo" or as "Two in One" version. They are very well suited for textiles. 

                            Futuristic design, functionality and technology 

A double-action airbrush for universal applications. The Evolution sets new standards in craftsmanship and functionality for a new millennium! 


Innovative lever mechanism

  • Self-centering socket-type nezzle
  • Handling simplicity 
  • All Evolution-parts (cups, nozzle sets etc.) Among each other compatible 
  • Future-orientated system structure 
  • Brilliant spray characteristics 
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio 


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